Youth CEO Club

Youth CEO

Youth CEOs will follow the latest developments of hot economic issues and focus on topics like the impact of globalization, digitization, and geopolitics on the world economy. Through seminars, lectures, and mock investment projects, among others, youth CEOs will feel the pulse of the business world and unleash their passion and imagination to create their unique perceptive of business value and core competence.

Youth CEO 经济社团简介:

Youth CEO 经济社团将着眼于当前的经济热点,比如全球化、信息数字化以及各国政治变化对经济的影响,由资深经济学导师带领深入浅出地开展多样化的活动,包括组织研讨会、邀请客座教授及商业领袖举办讲座、进行模拟投资、发表社团期刊、指导青少年创业等,旨在让社团成员体会到商业经济活动无时不刻都在我们周边发生,激发社团成员对商业经济活动的热情和想象力,创造出属于自己本身的商业价值观和核心竞争力。