H.U.M.A.N. - History Uplifts Mankind And Nations

HUMAN motivates members to access and process information by providing resources to students when they research, discuss and write about historical events and figures. Following a fusion methodology, members will apply historical knowledge in today’s world to identify, analyze and solve problems. They are also encouraged to participate in conferences and publish research works on journals and media platforms.

HUMAN 历史社团简介:

由EDUBUS的历史博士Dr. Casey指导并带领,“以古为鉴”、“以史为镜”、“古为今用”一贯是历史学课在人类进步的长河中所体现的社会功能。HUMAN社团将历史与时事,理论与实践相结合,成员在活动中亲自参与探究、调查、搜索资料和处理信息,将所学的历史知识用于当下社会,阐述事实的同时提高了发现问题,分析问题和解决问题的综合能力。并有机会参与各类学术研讨会及研究论文的发表与展现。