About Us

Mission Statement

Our foundation aims to create an exemplary learning community in South California that inspires and empowers Asian American youth to think mindfully and creatively, to act with honor and moral courage, to lead with distinction and to serve with a generous spirit.

We will help grow young Asian Americans into young global citizens through building their bodies, broadening their horizons, and encouraging them to contribute to the society with their knowledge and skills.

Current Activities

  • Volunteering

We organize community service events and provide volunteering opportunities that allow our student clubs, including math, coding, new media, and art clubs, to support vulnerable groups in local communities.

  • Personal Development

We provide a platform for students to study together with peers who share similar interests, organize discussion sessions, invite guest speakers to illustrate difficult concepts, etc.

  • Physical Fitness

We have a Sports club that not only attracts players from various sport fields to work out together but also encourages them to organize sport events to engage disadvantaged children and help them grow healthily.

  • Exploration

We plan to arrange field trips to Spanish Missions in California to let Project members explore California history and American culture. We also have start an annual volunteering project in Peru later.

Contact Us

Email: projectnextfoundation@gmail.com

Phone: 9493834877